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Accelerated Kindergarten Class

In pursuit of a high quality educational experience for young children we asked ourselves what defines high quality? Do we set our goal to achieve state standards? How about national standards? Upon further investigation it turns out our state (FL) is not anywhere near the top of the state elementary educational rankings and then nationally, our country is nowhere near the top of the global elementary educational rankings. So where do we put our goal line?

To raise our area’s educational quality one class at a time, WunderKid Academy has decided to open a kindergarten class in Fall 2022 for children that are on an accelerated path. The hope is that we can fan the flames of desire to learn, to think, to create, to solve in ways that matter. Accelerate wisdom. Our children need it. Our communities need it. Our world needs it.

How will that be done? We are at the beginning stages of putting all the pieces together, however, we plan to hire an outstanding teacher that your child will flourish under with experience teaching and/or with supplemental education in gifted or advanced students. We are tapping into existing research on gifted and talented youth. Our curriculum will be highly relevant and compacted, ready to move on to the next level of investigation.

The latest technology and educational resources will be used to support our teaching and enhance our classroom environment. STEM will be entwined in our curriculum as well.

Want to begin this journey with us? Check back soon for more information or contact us.