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We strive to give your young ones a childhood full of learning.

Our Background

“The name ‘WunderKid’ came as an epiphany after reviewing a google search of words related to kids. The word “wunderkind” was on the list. Upon reading that it meant a child prodigy or a person who achieves great success when relatively young, this sang to my soul! With a slight twist in the spelling and incorporating my love for superheroes (including UnderDog), I turned it into ‘WunderKid Academy’!”
— Margaret MacDonald, Our Founder, on How WunderKid Academy Got Its Name

WunderKid Academy is a small, private, and faith-based childcare and preschool center located inside a church in Sanford, Florida. Our founder, Margaret MacDonald, was a Sunday School teacher who enjoyed caring for children. WunderKid Academy was established following the request of the church’s pastor for Margaret to open a childcare center since the previous childcare provider had moved out. Thrilled by this opportunity, she started with a blank slate and moved forward to create WunderKid Academy—a high-quality, educational, loving, and fun school for children.

Our Beliefs

We believe children are God’s most precious gifts. Each child is created with different strengths, personalities, and the ability to change the world. Being called to care for them is an honor and privilege we take seriously. At WunderKid Academy, we look to partner with you in nurturing and inspiring the exceptional within your child by being truly present, actively listening, and purposefully interacting.

Our Mission Statement

WunderKid Academy is committed to establishing a strong foundation of learning that will enable children to succeed in the future by fostering a strong sense of independence, can-do attitude, respect for others and a joy of learning.

Our Vision Statement

WunderKid Academy envisions becoming the preferred childcare center in Sanford, Florida, and beyond, recognized by parents and guardians for the safe, warm, loving, and fun learning environment we provide for their little ones.

Reach Out to Us

For further inquiries, please feel free to connect with us.